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A Cinderella Story: Tale of 2 years

Cinderella Summer Camps 2016 & 2019

One of my favorite Artreach scripts I love to direct is Cinderella. I love this script because I can combine roles for a small cast of 10 or add more roles if needed for a larger cast.

2016 was my first experience directing Cinderella. Cast members got to help pick out their costume pieces and decorate them if they wanted to. Once everyone was confident with their lines, I took each character name, put them in a hat and had the actors draw out a new character they were not playing. We did this several times since it was very popular. My favorite switch up was when Alex Moreno, who was playing our King, drew the Fairy Godmother. Alex took the character to a new high by creating a rap with the Fairy Godmother’s magical words. It was a blast and we were granted a repeat performance of his great rap at the end of the final performance.

In 2019, I decided based on votes to add Cinderella back in as a Summer Camp. This time we had a larger cast and I was excited to add back in more Mice and Narrators. I was even more excited to work with two young ladies who were in the first cast of Cinderella in 2016. Lizzie Healy who played my Sweetie-Pie in 2016 was cast as the Fairy Godmother in 2019. Morley Hawkins who was cast as Bella Bomb in 2016 stepped up to play Great Snaggle Bones in 2019.

I have created a small little movie slide show of our Cinderella productions in 2016 and 2019 with our cast. I had so much fun looking at all the costume pieces we have used from so many of our shows. I love how we have added more accents and costume pieces as we have grown. Thanks to Mary for making a beautiful Cinderella gown that our actress could get into very quickly on stage and for bringing/making more costume pieces to help the actors get into their characters. Thank you Lauren Sawyer for coming in to help with makeup, mice whiskers and noses, and jeweled accents. Everyone looked amazing and were super excited to perform the show.

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