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Bumps, Bruises, and Breaks

Updated: May 19, 2020

No show would be complete if we didn’t have some kind of Boo Boo!

We have survived and made it through with successful performances without losing a cast member. Check out pictures of our Hall of Boo Boo’s! Let me know if we missed anyone.

Zachary Wagner: While showing off his athletic ability during Believe, Zach missed the long jump, which resulted in the prize of a broken wrists. Believe was not the end for Zach, when he returned to Audition for A Midsummer Night Dream. He walked in with a cast, this time on the opposite wrist.

Zadie Wagner: Like her older brother she wanted to be in a cast too! Poor Toto broker her arm during the production of The Enchanted Bookshop

Lizzie Healy: A fun horse back ridding trip, turns into a trip to the Hospital, when Lizzie Healy took a tumble on her poor arm. Even with a broken arm, she made the creative decision to get a cast to match the colors in her costume so it blends in!!

Caleb Herron: Though you cant see his face he decided to take the phrase "break a leg" literally. While walking out after a long performance, Caleb misjudged his footing and ran straight into the stage. He cut up his leg and added a major dent!

Kiarra Driscoll: Never ignore the "Wet Floor" signs. Kiarra took a sliding touchdown at the water fountain and ended up sliding into a boot, but managed to be boot free for opening night.

Elena Ablard: Makeup was never Elena's forte, especially Stage makeup. Since she was bored she could have read a book, but instead she decided to dislocate her knee. That made learning her blocking for the Queen of Hearts difficult when she walked around with crutches.

When can I start Bubble Wrapping my kids?

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