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Is There a Doctor in the House

Ending our season, Mr. Brennan directed his first main stage production, Is there a Doctor in the House? 29 actors were cast and were costumed in beautiful authentic costumes. There was a realistic and fantastic set built and decorated to believe you were in a general store in the Wild West. This production showed us that our actors are not afraid to step out of the box and take on roles that they don’t normally play.


A Cure for every ill, use it as you will.

As medicine or a lotion.

It’ll cure-

The Itch,

The stitch,

The palsy,

And the gout

Dr. ABRACADRABA: Whatever be your troubles-

SNAG: This cue will find them out!

HAGG: We guarantee a cure to every woman, every man.

PRINCESS: The cure for every ill that man is heir to.

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