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Mixed Up, Musical Revue

Updated: May 19, 2020

2018 was a very busy year. Two of our Actors, Ollie Wagner and Lily Buffone stepped up and co-wrote, directed, and choreographed Mixed Up a Musical Revue. There was only a cast of 5, but the hard work and dedication of each of these actors produced a wonderful production that showcased some very talented singers.

I Move On - Chicago:

“While truckin' down the road of life, when ev’ry hope seems gone, I just move on. When I can't find a single star that I can wish upon, I just move on, I move on. I run so fast, a shotgun blast can hurt me not one bit. I'm on my toes cause heaven knows a moving target's hard to hit. So, as I play in life's ballet, I’m not the dyin’ swan, I just move on, I move on. Just when it seems I’m out of dreams, and things have got me down. I don't despair, I don't go there, I hang my bonnet out of town. So, there's no doubt I’m well cut out to run life's marathon, I just move on, I just move on. So, fleet of foot, I can't stay put, I just move on. Yeah, I move on!”

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