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The Enchanted Bookshop

2019 we decided to be ambitious and produce three productions. The Enchanted Bookshop brought 25 book characters to life in Margie’s A Likely Story Bookshop. A super fun set that allowed good and evil characters to walk through bookshelves, a super smart cat that basically ran the shop, a mysterious lady in red, two gangster gals, and a clumsy cop helped bring the wonderful characters in classic books to life.

Margie: Don’t look at me like that, Bombalurina I had to give it to them. I can’t imagine a child not owning a book. Oh, well. Might as well close up shop. It doesn't look like we’re going to get any more customers tonight. Well, Bombalurina? Are you going to come up to the apartment with me, or are you going to stay down here and guard against burglars? I thought so. You wouldn’t be much help against burglars anyway.

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