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Believe December 2016

Updated: May 19, 2020

With a cast of 28, we launched our very first Main Stage production with Believe. We had beautiful music sung as well as played on instruments. We even had our final beautiful song sung and told through American Sign Language. We all learned what the real reason of Christmas is about through Alex’s eyes.

Alex- Wow! People! What is going on here? This isn’t the kind of Christmas spirit I like to see. Let’s get busy here! This is a celebration! What are we waiting for? There are gifts to buy, socks to roll, bells to ring! And I have to compose an email to my friends at I think it will go something like this. “Dear, I have a surprise for you. I found what I wanted for “Christmas without your help. I found peace, and I wish you the Same! Sincerely, Alex Norton.” This is a great Christmas!

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